Moro Creek

Not so long discovered and never fished before until just two seasons ago, runs through the Estancia, Moro Creek, a spring “creek-like” stream that, basically, chains each of the 12 lakes inside the Estancia. This challenging creek flows mainly during spring and early summer, and it has, little by little, won the hearts of many of our guests, becoming a favourite among early-season visitors. The Estancia fishes 4 sections of this distinctive creek as well as its inlets and outlets at the chained lakes, such as Los Flacos, Campamento, Los Chanchos, and La Reja Lake.


Added to these, are the usual fishing programs at the lakes closer to the lodge, i.e.: Texas and Verde lake (which gives the name to our estancia because it’s just in front of the lodge). Take a look at this slide show of photos taken at Moro Creek!