The Fishing could not have been better! The Staff was first class in al respects! I never dreamed I would catch a 14, 15 and 16 lb. fish in one afternoon. I hope my son will be able to visit Tasman Point in the next year!
Bob Buell, Hubart, Tasmania, Australia

Unbelievable fishing! Exclusive people! Not possible to believe that there are so many such fish!!! Gennady and Elena Sharkov, Russia

Amigos de Laguna Verde. Allways sad to leave such good fishing and such good times, but im allways certain I´ll be back. So thanks for all things great. Great service, great people, great fishing. As my buddy Arnold said once … I´LL BE BACK!!!
Marc Whitaker, Oregon, USA/ Santiago, Chile

Simply the best fishing in the World!!! Thank you!!!
The Rev. Dr. Chris Looker, USA

No where have we been able to sight cast to such large fish. What a great experience!!!
The Elmers, Texas, USA

What a great trip!!! This is truly an amazing place! I allways liked rainbow trout fishing… now I LOVE IT!!! What a rush!!! Best guides I´ve ever had. Food and hospitality the best!!! Thanks,
Rick Secke, Masschussets, USA

It has been a privilege and an honour to fish on Lago Strobel. This magnificent lake and it´s formidable rainbows are a mecca for fly fishers the world over. Roberto and Luciano will care for this wild place as though it is their own child. Your guides and staff are “first class” and there is now only one answer. I must return!
Peter Cockwill, Surrey, England

The fishing was fantastic. The accomodation and meals were great. Excellent guides. Caught my four (4) best rainbows ever including a 23 pound monster. Awesome trip!
Guy Schoenborn, Montana, USA

“Time and tide wait for no man”… so it has been said. Jurassic Lake is a step back in time where fishing is as it should be… Fantastic!!! Many thanks to great Staff and owner of Estancia Laguna Verde.
Jon Shakour, Worcester MA, USA

Without doubt the best fishing trip I have ever had! The guiding, fishing, food and service were all amazing. Thanks a lot Laguna Verde lodge for everything.
Derek & Ron Olthuis